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Welcome to The School For Real-Life Heroines

Do you ever feel like you've lost sight of the vibrant woman you once were? Life's twists and turns can leave us feeling stuck, unsure of who we are or where we're going. But deep down, that spark within you still burns.

At The School for Real-Life Heroines, we don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We use the Heroine's Journey map, a path that resonates with women's unique challenges and triumphs. Our self-paced course isn't just about achievement; it's about reclaiming the fire within. Here, we'll guide you on a path of self-discovery designed to reunite you with your true purpose.

Imagine rediscovering your passions, silencing the doubts, and finally stepping into the life that will make your heart sing. We'll help you answer your unique "call to adventure" and write a story of courage, purpose, and self-discovery. Are you ready to reclaim your power and unleash the extraordinary woman you were always meant to be?

Join us, and let's embark on this incredible adventure together.

Why do so many women love The School For Real-life Heroines?

Imagine a school where knowledge ignites passion, curiosity fuels creativity, and individuality thrives. This is The School For Real-Life Heroines, a vibrant learning community designed to nurture women's full potential. 

Our students see results.

Creative Intuitive Exercises

Our fun and engaging exercises foster self-reflection, helping you reconnect with your core values and aspirations. As your self-confidence grows stronger, your daily outlook and potential will improve.

A Map For Your Journey

Transformation is easier when you have a proven way to travel forward. We also arm you with the tools to navigate the unknown and the doubt, empowering you to grow stronger with each bend in the road.

Seeing Your Future More Clearly

We will teach you how to use your intuition to dream big and embrace your ambitions. And when it's time, we will show you how to turn your dreams into tangible goals you can accomplish in months.

The School For Real-Life Heroines Course List:

 Below, you'll find our self-paced online course, our accountability group course, a mini Intuitive Visioning retreat, the Eight-week live webinar we offer a couple of times a year, and our newest product - our Coaching Certification, which we'll launch later this year. 

The Heroine's Journey Online Course

Are you facing a major life change?  A new career path, an empty nest, a relationship shift – life throws us curves, and sometimes we need a map to navigate them. This class, based on the Heroine's Journey framework, equips you with the tools and support to transform transitions into empowering journeys of self-discovery.


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The Online Course Accountability Group

The Heroine Within: An Accountability Course for Women Navigating Life Transitions

Are you at a crossroads? Facing a career change, a relationship shift, or a new chapter in your life? Join us on a transformative journey with The Heroine Within, an accountability course designed to empower women navigating life transitions.

This is more than just a course, it's an adventure. Drawing inspiration from the Heroine's Journey framework, we'll embark on a collective quest alongside a supportive group of like-minded women.

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"Every time I do the course exercises, I am getting to know myself better. Listening to my inner self. Connecting with all the areas of my life that have been lost for a long time. I am more focused on what I really want and how I really feel. It is such a welcome challenge."


Sara, student
"I get it now. Life gives you a big beautiful empty book. It's my job to fill it with one amazing story after another. Thank you for teaching me to live a big life. I can now see myself as the star in my own story. I deserve to get what I dream about. Working for what I want has given me purpose."


Karen, student

Intuitive Visioning

This is my personally guided mini-retreat. You will develop your own, personal strategic plan. It is so important to take the time to define what it is you want your life to look like, so you can start creating it! I’ve used this process since 2000 and it really works! It works even better with me as your personal guide! I’ve used this same approach with companies and organizations. They know the value of retreat time. (In-person in Maine or on Zoom) This process is also available as a DIY in the course.

Ask about doing this in a group!

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The Eight-Week webinar

Before I designed the online course, I wrote a book - You Are A Heroine: A Retelling Of The Hero's Journey. I traveled nationwide, lecturing and leading workshops on my findings. I now offer an eight-week live webinar that gets you out of your comfort zone and committed to your dreams. 

Next webinar starts: September 16th 2024, 6:30-7:30 pm EST

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Coaching Certification

Are you interested in training to teach the Real-Life Heroine course? This certification course is designed to show you how to facilitate others on the Heroine's Journey as a guide. Upon certification, you will have all the coaching material you need to establish a coaching business of your own or add to the business you are running today. 

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The Comfort Zone Challenge

This FREE challenge is perfect for seeing if The School for Real-Life Heroines is for you. You'll join women worldwide, get uncomfortable, and challenge yourself to try something new. I'll email you for seven weeks, encouraging that fire inside you to burn brightly.

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You Do Not Find a Happy Life. You Make It.


My dear heroine, this is a choice that you arrive at on your own. Making change takes work. Promising you a magic formula or instant success wouldn't be fair. If you are ready to take a step out of your comfort zone, this course is designed specifically for you. You have to want your life to be different. Together, we will learn about the Heroine's Journey, the ancient path that has led people to a successful transition and transformation -  for centuries! As you travel through my four modules and 32 lessons (plus extra videos, assignments, and resources), I will help you see that you have the strength inside of you to make anything happen. 

Listen to Susanna tell you about her school.

 My work is with women. I have dedicated my life to helping prepare real-life women to make a change. My goal is to empower you all, awaken the fire inside.

We all travel on the same path, and if you prepare for what is coming up you will realize that even the hard things that happen, looking back, can really be beneficial to your life.