Meet Susanna Liller


School Founder, Author, and Life Transition Coach

Not too long ago, I heard a little whisper. At first, it seemed more like a feeling, and then it was more like something trying to get my attention. Eventually, I heard it clearly. It was the call to write about the Heroine’s/Hero’s Journey. 


It’s been an evolution – as life tends to be. In 2000 I began to work with women, as an executive coach and organizational development consultant, helping them to see that they were more, much more, than they believed themselves to be. I was coaching and observing them lead their organizations. I knew I was seeing their strengths and they weren’t! Confidence was an issue. How to help them see from my perspective?

I started with planning, personal planning, using a process developed from my strategic planning work with companies. This gave them a path forward but also a means to see that they were equipped with a strong inner voice that could guide them. Hello, intuition! In 2007 I was introduced to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey which I tweaked to reflect the lives of the women, the heroines I was working with and I discovered my life’s work -  teaching about The Heroine’s Journey.

The Heroine’s Journey is a powerful framework in which to view life, progress, and challenges. It brings a story perspective that we all share. It introduces connection (we are not alone) and a path that shows us a reason for what we’re experiencing: if we want to grow then we have to answer the call to leave our comfort zone and go out on the road and face our challenges.

Bottom line, It’s always been about confidence. Helping women find the confidence to step up to their full potential so they could be their big selves in the world.

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