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 For 25 years, my career revolved around helping Fortune 500 companies and national unions resolve the obstacles in their path and providing the framework for finding a way forward strategically. Something was missing. I decided to make a change to live a more meaningful life.

Today, my school, workshops, webinars, and coaching programs are all designed to help women find their way. Yes, life is a struggle. Let me teach you the tools you need to take this journey and live the life you desire.  You don't have to feel alone and stuck. Come, travel with other women and see what happens when we lift each other up!

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 "I could list multiple times in my life when spending time with Susanna Liller has caused “magic” to come my way. Susanna has pulled her years of study and learning into a cohesive,  self-paced, online course designed to get us out of our heads in order to discover the crux of our greatest desires and the essence of who we are and who we want to be."


Kim Kalicky, Student of the School For Real-Life Heroines

Your life doesn't get better by chance; it gets better by change. Will you choose to step forward into growth or step back into safety? 


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The School For Real-Life Heroines: Events & Up And Coming Classes 

The first step towards your new life is seeing yourself as the heroine in your own story. My dear, it's time to leap out of your comfort zone and be a Heroine.

Ready for the FREE Comfort Zone Challenge!? I challenge you to get uncomfortable and try something new! Join me and my community of brave Heroines as they leap from their comfort zone and change their routine. Is there something that's been calling you, something that even feels a little scary? Push those negative thoughts out of your head. You can do this, and you'll feel great because you did.

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Take that first step toward the "happily ever after" life you've been searching for. Sign up for our eight-week, one-hour webinar with Susanna Liller. 


January 16th, 2024

Registration ends January 9th, 2024

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The Online Course Accountability Group


This accountability group works through the four modules/32 lessons with a small group of three or four women over four months. Surround yourself with respect, encouragement, and accountability. Empowered women empower women.


Launching November 5th, 2024 

Reach out with your group today, and let's start planning your Heroine's Journey.

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Emily, Coaching Client

"Working with Susanna Liller has changed my life. Focusing on the smaller lessons and assignments made everything I wanted for myself... possible.

I highly recommend."


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The Heroine's Journey is all about storytelling. Through sharing, we inspire others to be extraordinary.

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I have so much to share with you all, my dear heroines. Grab your tea and check out my blog post.  

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The Heroine's Journey is a handbook for life. It shows us how to transform our lives, and it lays out the necessary steps for growth and insight. 


Want to learn more about my process and what drives me to help women? 

Let me tell you an age-old story, the pattern of human nature, a proven journey to success.
Read About The Heroine's Journey
The Heroine's Journey map gives us the necessary steps for us to transform our lives.
Where Are You On The Map?
A personal development guide for women, especially women in transition. 
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 And check out my FREE webinar CIRCLE POWER. It will give you a taste of what my course is like. 

Learn To Ask For What You Want


The circle is a tool for helping us see more clearly. It is a way of asking for what we want.  Most of us spend our time and energy worrying about what we don't want. The first step to getting what we want is pushing away what we don't want. What we don't want must stay out of our circle.

Is there something you want? The circle will get it for you.


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Let’s talk! Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to chat about how I might help you answer some of your questions.  I’d love to give you a sense of what the transformational process of seeing who you are and where you are within the magical framework of the Heroine’s Journey is about. 

I help people answer these questions.

  • What do I want? What do I really want? Do I even know?
  • Where am I going? How do I get there?
  • Who am I at this stage in my life?
  • Am I being me, or who someone else wants me to be?
  • What do about my fear? It stops me in my tracks.
  • What’s the end goal anyway?
  • Wait! I’m not done yet, so now what do I do?


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I'm so excited to invite you to my YouTube channel. Every week, I launch a video about the Heroine's Journey. I know you're going to just love the stories.

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My dear heroine, that risk you're afraid to take will change your life. Should I do it? Do I dare? All the what-ifs are surfacing. These obstacles do not block the path you are on, THEY ARE THE PATH. Make yourself a priority today and sign up for Real-Life Heroine news. Be the first to hear about my events and specials.


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