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The gift of the map...

Once upon a time, a woman much like yourself found herself in a dusty, old bookstore. Though she had passed this bookstore several times, today she felt a pull to come inside. Walking in, she got the feeling she was about to find something… special.  You know that feeling, right? As if in an instant your life was going to change course?

She reaches up to grab a book from the top shelf and something flutters down onto the floor next to her left foot. It’s a pamphlet. No, it’s a brochure. No… It appears to be a map! It’s old and the paper is crinkled. (How did it get here? Maybe it was in a book and fell out?) In the low light of the shop, it’s hard to read, but you see The Heroine’s Journey Map in the upper left-hand corner. She sees that there’s a path marked across it with arrows and pictures, marking apparent steps along the way, that someone (a heroine?) would follow to be, as it says in the upper right corner, “Free to Live.”

“It’s yours to keep. There’s no charge,” says a small, elderly woman with a kind smile. “Those only seem to appear when the right person comes in here and finds one. Take it. It will serve you well.”

This very map is your life, the journey you take as a heroine.

There it is and it’s been hidden in plain sight – or in plain hearing – for thousands of years. The map has always been with us. The map to a happier life, to your freedom to live as fully yourself, is embedded in our stories.

You might be thinking, how could this be? We are all so different. Our lives go in so many different directions, depending on the decisions we make. But all of us have beginnings and endings. We live many chapters, many adventures in our lives. We all meet challenges and have victories and rewards and failures and disappointments. We find helpers and enemies as we journey along. It is how we grow and develop as humans. We are all walking along the same path on the same map!

My calling is to make the map accessible to you, just like the old woman in the bookstore. Take it and use it to redefine how you see your life. You do not have to be stuck in an ordinary life. You can choose to be on a sacred path of evolution, the Heroine’s Journey, your Epic Journey of Transformation.

The map says you have to leave your comfort zone and cross the threshold to get on your epic journey. Do it! You’ll receive a call – an urge to make a change – listen to your call. Answer it! Trust your call and you’ll be on the road, on the map to experiences that will turn you into an even more amazing heroine than you already are.

It’s a great gift, this map that has been laid out in stories since storytelling began. If you’re here reading this, then I say to you what the shopkeeper said, “Those only seem to appear when the right person comes in here and finds one. Take it. It will serve you well.”

Trust the path.


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