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Starting November 5th, 2024, reach out with your group today and let's start planning your Heroine's Journey.


Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back. We are wired to build each other up. We motivate, inspire, and push each other. This accountability group works through the four modules/32 lessons with a small group of three or four women over four months. You are responsible for working on the two lessons assigned weekly, using the hour Zoom call with me every week to discuss your successes and challenges with the group. And when we travel the Heroine's Journey with other heroines, we are unstoppable. 

*** How do the Accountability Groups work?  Option one, you identify the women interested in creating an accountability group. Each woman will enroll separately. Again, a group of three or four women is ideal. The confirmation email will ask you which group you will be working with. I will then set up a welcome call with your group to decide the date and time that works for everyone.

Option two: can I join an accountability group? Yes, you can. If this program sounds perfect for you, but you don't have women to form your group, email me to be added to my waiting list. 

[email protected]

***$899 covers the accountability sessions, a one-hour coaching call with me, and the four-module/32-lesson course.

*** $499 is for students of the course, adding the accountability group


See below for a breakdown of the course modules.

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Module One: Lessons 1-8

Awakening The True Heroine In You

The first module of my online course introduces you to the age-old story of the Heroine, the Heroine's Journey map, and through a series of exercises, we reacquaint ourselves to our intuition.  Every woman has a fire inside of them that shows them how to travel the Heroine's path to the life they were born to live.

Module Two: Lessons 9 - 16

On The Road: Transformation

It's time to flex your leaping muscle. Together we look at what makes a leap successful and what tools we need to support ourselves on this journey. Module 2 is also about identifying the things you want out of life and organizing a step-by-step plan for getting there.

Module Three: Lessons 17 - 24

Going Deeper

By Module 3, you want to prioritize your goals and commit to one main goal. I'll teach you how to visualize your future, and then we'll map out all the small steps you need to get you there and ways to keep you accountable on your journey.

Module Four: Lessons 25 -32

The Return Threshold: Freedom To Live

By Module 4, you are experiencing an awakening. The steps are laid out in front of you. It's time for action. It's time for you to make your transformation a reality. And like every true Heroine, you realize your story is a catalyst for others. We discuss how you can use this course to raise and inspire others.

"Taking the course with the accountability group has not only helped me to gain clarity about my journey and what is most important to me, but it has also helped me feel powerful and worthy of the gifts I receive from my journey. Thank you, Susanna!" 
- Shannon T.

I'm Susanna Liller.

For 25 years, my career revolved around helping companies resolve the obstacles in their path and providing the framework for finding a way forward strategically. Something was missing. I decided to make a change so that I could live more in tune with my passion for helping women be their "big" selves.

I became a modern-day guide for women wanting more out of life. Through my coaching, workshops, and online course, I now teach women to find confidence in themselves so that they can be in tune with their passion. We must believe we are all heroines of our story, worthy of the life we desire.

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