The Gathering is a virtual meeting place for Heroines who are on a Journey of self-discovery. It is a place away from the frenetic pace of social media channels, email, and all the distractions that tug at a woman as she goes through her day. 

What should I expect to find in The Gathering?  Conversation, postings about where a woman is on her journey, and where she is in the online course. As we run special offerings, like the Seven-Week Comfort Zone Challenge, it will be a place to post how you’re doing with people who are doing the same thing. We can compare notes and get valuable insight and feedback. I just know you’ll make some great connections.  

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Welcome Heroines!

Come rest for a moment and share your story of how your own Heroine’s Journey is going. What did you learn; how has it been for you in the Belly of the Whale; what did the Threshold Guardians say to you, and how did you respond? The Gathering isn’t a place for judgment, comparing, giving unsolicited advice, or criticizing. What Heroines share in the Gathering stays in the Gathering. It is a safe and inclusive place.  We all leave The Gathering refreshed, encouraged, and strengthened to continue on their path.

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The Gathering was exactly what I needed. It's a place where I can share my experiences and hear from others. I feel like I'm stronger because I'm walking this journey with so many amazing women. When something incredible happens, The Gathering is the first place I want to share my news. And when my day isn't going so well, I turn to The Gathering for encouragement and understanding. I always walk away inspired, and encouraged,  with the ability to see things clearer.


Martha G.

Student of The School For Real-Life Heroines

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