The Heroine's Journey Podcast: Season 4 Episode 2 - Interview With Anne Baring

Season #4

In this podcast interview, Susanna Liller chats with author, mythologist, Jungian Analyst, Anne Baring about the sacred feminine and why it's critical at this time in our evolution to know what she calls the Dream of the Cosmos. This is the dream of an enlightened humanity striving for harmony instead of being driven by "the quest for power, conquest and control." Anne's work has been to understand and then educate us about the imbalance that threatens our planet. All of her work brings with it a message of hope.

Episode Highlights

01:34 Introducing Anne Baring

5:52 Anne discusses what women should be more aware of. 

21:02 Anne defines the sacred feminine. 

37:10 Anne shares her final tips. 

Get To Know Anne Baring

b. 1931. MA Oxon 1951. Ph.D. (Hons) in Wisdom Studies Ubiquity University 2018. Jungian Analyst, author, and co-author of 7 books including, including with Jules Cashford, The Myth of the Goddess; Evolution of an Image; with Andrew Harvey, The Mystic Vision and The Divine Feminine; with Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Soul Power: An Agenda for a Conscious Humanity. Also, a book for children, The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time. Her most recent book The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul (2013, updated and reprinted 2020) was awarded the Scientific and Medical Network Book Prize for 2013.

The ground of all her work is a deep interest in the spiritual, mythological, shamanic, and artistic traditions of different cultures. Her two websites are devoted to a new vision of reality and the issues facing us at this crucial time of choice.  

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