The Heroine's Journey Podcast: Season 3 Episode 9 - Interview With Amanda Painter

Season #3

In this podcast interview, Susanna Liller chats with Amanda Painter about how a conversation turned into answering "The Call" and her love for astrology and horoscopes.

Episode Highlights

01:20 Introducing Amanda Painter

07:52 Amanda talks about her call. 

25:03 Amanda talks all about astrology and horoscopes. 

Get To Know Amanda Painter

Amanda Painter is an astrologer, healer, actor, editor, and writer currently living in Saco, Maine. She has over a decade of experience writing about astrology for a global online audience and exploring various forms of somatic work, breath work, and energy healing. With her own spiritual counselor and mentor Elisa Novick, Amanda has been practicing the techniques she uses to guide the spiritual inquiry sessions she offers and to connect with old, soul-level trees. 

Amanda holds a BA in English and Theater from Clark University and an MA in Literature from Boston University -- which inform her ability to see the narrative told by the planetary players in an astrology chart and to tease out the themes of a client's experience. When not working, Amanda loves to travel, swim, dance, garden, hike, perform live theater, and capture incredible light in photographs.


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