The Heroine's Journey Podcast: Season 3 Episode 6 - Interview With Sarah Lyman

Season #3

In this podcast interview, Susanna Liller chats with Sarah Lyman about her journey after divorce and how she started her business to help people see divorce in a different light. 

Episode Highlights

01:42 Introducing Sarah Lyman

04:19 Why Sarah named her business PurplCouch

21:50 Sarah explains why she chose to work with certain experts in her course and business

35:02 Sarah shares a few insights on marriage and divorce 

Get To Know Sarah Lyman 

Sarah Lyman likes to call herself a "marriage alumni" - though some folks use the term "divorcee." She has founded a business, PurplCouch, to reduce the confusion, loneliness, and stigma around divorce. Applying her background in communications and design, Sarah has filmed informational videos with experts in law, finance, taxes, and mental health, and woven their advice into an online course called "Fresh Start." Why PurplCouch? When she was first emerging from her own divorce, Sarah realized she didn't need anyone's input on the new furniture, so she bought herself a velour purple couch, and named her business after it. Sarah loves scuba diving, choral singing, traveling, and hiking, and has been trying new things recently, like watercolor painting. She lives in Vergennes, Vermont.

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