The Heroine's Journey Podcast: Season 3 Episode 4 - Interview With Susan Ireland

Season #3

In this podcast interview, Susanna Liller chats with Susan Ireland about her journey and transition into coaching and consulting after making her leap! 

Episode Highlights

02:00 Introducing Susan Ireland

14:24 Susan talks about her transition in life and the start of her journey

28:40 Why Susan goes and sees psychics

Get To Know Susan Ireland 

I am a native Seattlite and have lived here all my life. I worked at Boeing for 30 years and “retired” in 2016 to start my own coaching and consulting business focused on transformation - personal and career.

I believe in the interconnectedness of life – that our unique value can positively impact others and the world around us. Because of this, I feel a deep responsibility to help others where I can. Transitioning to my own business, I wanted a path that would allow me to give back and appreciate the wonder and awe of others’ journeys. Drawing on my 30+ years of leadership experience I am inspired to help people in ways I was supported and in ways I wish I had been supported in my professional career.

I am the mother of three and grandmother of five (and counting!). I love to travel, finger paint, and enjoy the outdoors and nature.

I would like to talk about the heroine’s journey I am on - which continues to reshape itself in the different phases of my life.  

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