The Heroine's Journey Podcast: Season 2 Episode 6 - Interview With Phyllis Blackstone

Season #2

In this podcast interview, Susanna Liller chats with Dr. Phyllis Blackstone about why storytelling is so important as a heroine.  

Episode Highlights

01:31 Introducing Dr. Phyllis Blackstone

13:02 Phyllis explains how everything relates to storytelling 

24:30 How Phyllis learned storytelling from her family and parents 

45:03 Discussing Phyllis's new book!

Get To Know Phyllis

Dr. Phyllis Blackstone, Storyteller extraordinaire and retired professor of education, currently resides in Brunswick, ME. She used storytelling as her preferred teaching tool with first graders to graduate students.

In her retirement, she tells a variety of stories to children, adults, senior citizens, and
special audiences. Folktales in her repertoire are stories of wisdom and truth. Her personal stories, sometimes humorous but always poignant, include her OCCASIONAL STORIES (Upon the Occasion of…………………………….), Stories from SEE THE USA…………. IN A ROADTREK, and MEET MY FAMILY, tales of observing life as a baby sister in a large farming family from Caribou, ME.

She tells sacred stories at faith-based gatherings and churches, that are from the heart and good for the soul. More information is available at her website, She can be contacted via email.


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