The Heroine's Journey Podcast: Season 2 Episode 3 - Interview With John Schuster

Season #2

In this podcast interview, Susanna Liller chats with John about his hero's journey, his call to leadership, and what he plans on doing next! 

“If you journal, that's the self and the ego having a talk... but after a while, you start to realize that you're not sure about those big moments — and after sitting with them — you learn and get more soulful. - John Schuster

Episode Highlights

03:20 Introducing John Schuster. 

18:30  Talking to John about his thoughts on leadership and his "Threshold Guardians".  

28:32  John talks about his "Call". 

Get To Know John

John P. Cunningham Schuster is a coach, author, and teacher. He has had a business practice for over 40 years with the purpose of helping leaders, other coaches, and organizations turn what is potential within into actuality in the real world. John deploys his knowledge of psychology, and his passion for the arts to do this work. And his business know-how is useful for turning inner insights into outer action.

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