The Heroine's Journey Podcast: Episode 8 - Interview With Rhayne Thomas

Season #1

 In this podcast interview, Susanna Liller chats with Rhayne Thomas and how she became an experience junkie, made multiple leaps, and created the life she wanted to live. 

“I told my husband, I'm going to make prunes sexy.” -Rhayne Thomas

Episode Highlights

01:21 Introducing Rhayne Thomas.

10:49  Rhayne talks about her first few leaps, and how she went from fight or flight to living life.

21:30  How Rhayne became the "Prune Queen".

33:25  Southern-isms and how they made Rhayne write a book.

Get To Know Rhayne

Rhayne was born and raised a Bronx, NY girl with a serious passion for fun, healing and laughter. She is a Blues vocalist, actor, author and voluntary spokesperson/fundraiser for cancer and breast cancer since 1976. Rhayne’s main focus is making others feel alive through her voice and sense of humor which lead her to create her all around wellness company, “PrunesAreSexy!” over 15 years ago.

Anyone who knows Rhayne knows she is an "experience junkie" because she believes the world is full of wonderful things that everyone should see, feel, do and eat and she doesn't want to miss anything. Rhayne immerses herself in fun every chance she gets and doesn’t mind dragging others in for the excitement! 

Rhayne is a 10-year breast cancer survivor and continues to inspire others through her love of life and all it has to offer! 

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