The Heroine's Journey Podcast: Episode 6 - Interview With Colleen Garrick

Season #1

 In this podcast interview, Susanna Liller chats with Colleen Garrick and how she not only battled, but overcame her addiction, even when her Threshold Guardians threatened her and tried to make her fearful.

“My life is defined by who I am, not by what I do.” -Colleen Garrick

Episode Highlights

01:06 Introducing Colleen Garrick.

12:36  How Colleen started on her journey by following the 12-step program for addiction.

24:02  How Colleen keeps fear at bay, even when it threatens to consume her.

44:45  Colleen's message on addiction and what you should know.

Get To Know Colleen

Colleen is a working single mother to a 7-year-old daughter, named Parker. She moved from Boston to Portland over 10 years ago when she started her journey in recovery and to better things. In her free time, if she and her daughter are not outside playing or at the beach, you can catch her teaching or practicing yoga to other women, as well as helping other women who struggle with addiction issues. She became a Certified Alcohol and Drug counselor in 2010.  She’s grateful today for the many challenges she’s encountered as they continue to bring her closer to her purpose.

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