The Heroine's Journey Podcast: Episode 2 - Interview With Margo Walsh

Season #1

In Susanna Liller's first podcast interview, she chats with Margo Walsh about her journey as a business owner, how she supports a marginalized community while respecting them, and how her own journey through life and recovery helped her start her own Heroine's Journey. 

“People that are transitioning are the most easily exploited. I wanted to dignify that so they felt a sense of purpose and belonging. It's about respecting everyone, including them.” - Margo Walsh

Episode Highlights

01:35 Introducing Margo Walsh and her business. 

09:46  Exploring Margo's journey, and how she got her own start in the world of recovery.

20:07  How Margo has evolved in the last ten years of her business and life.

28:43  How Margo has been guided into her life's purpose.

32:37  Discussing Margo's family and how she manages everything.

Get To Know Margo

MaineWorks is an innovative employment company with a social mission: to dignify the experience of people facing barriers to workforce re-entry, including people recovering from substance use disorder, those with felony convictions or re-entry from jail or prison, and new Americans. MaineWorks provides jobs in the fields of construction, carpentry, masonry, road and bridgework, demolitions, landscaping, and more. MaineWorks is not just any ordinary staffing company – we provide quality, long-term employment for hundreds of men and women since opening in 2011. The success stories of MaineWorks employees are demonstrated throughout the workforce of Maine and beyond. 

Founder and Owner of MaineWorks, Margo Walsh, grew up in Cumberland Foreside, Maine, and attended Waynflete School and Wheaton College, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology. Margo has over 25 years of experience in recruiting, staffing, and employee development, specifically in diversity recruiting. Margo Walsh started MaineWorks with one challenging mission: Employ the “unemployable”. Margo’s passion for second chances, coupled with her employee development experience, has led her to believe that people, when given a second chance at life, do amazing things. 

Margo is committed to breaking down the traditional barriers that prevented individuals with substance abuse and convictions from entering the workforce. By doing so, she hopes to provide both employers and employees with an opportunity to learn, grow, and accomplish. Since founding MaineWorks in 2011, Margo has been recognized as an SBA Small Businessperson of the year and a SCORE Outstanding Job Creator. In 2019, she was invited to attend the State of the Union as Senator Angus King’s guest. Margo hopes to continue inspiring her community by showing that there is always a second chance for everyone.  

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