Season 5 Episode 5 - Interview with Kimberly Becker

Season #5

In this heartfelt episode, Susanna chats with Kimberly Becker, a visionary artist and designer who shares her journey from a textile designer to a creator of unique, story-rich clothing. Kimberly delves into the profound influence of her experiences in Paris and her deep-rooted passion for women's rights and empowerment through fashion. This episode is a celebration of creativity, resilience, and the powerful role of personal stories in shaping one's life and work.

Episode Highlights

1:08 Introducing Kimberly Becker

6:12 Kimberly discusses her unique background and how she got started in the industry.

19:17 Kimberly opens up about her career turn and what being a massage therapist taught her.

23:09 Susanna and Kimberly chat about the collections Kimberly is working on now.

30:18 Kimberly talks about how she used dolls to make a difference.

43:38 Kimberly shares a heartfelt message to the listeners.

Get To Know Kimberly Becker

Kimberly is an inclusive clothing designer and fine artist. With training at Rhode Island School of Design and Ecole Lesage in Paris, France.

She has a unique background that has led her to the collection she is now passionately developing. She believes deeply that women's bodily autonomy is a basic human right and a Democracy cannot survive if women do not have that right. She has fought hard to help women from around the world to be educated and lifted up to achieve their dreams.

She graduated from RISD in 1990 with a degree in Textile Design, spent about a decade in NYC and the deep south in the textile industry,

And she’s a mom of two amazing humans and have an exceptionally supportive husband and sweet pup named Honey.

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