Season 5 Episode 4 - Interview with Stephen Gerringer

Season #5

In this illuminating episode, Susanna engages in a profound conversation with Stephen Gerringer to delve into his unique journey from teaching to becoming a pivotal member of the Joseph Campbell Foundation. They explore Stephen's profound personal transformation, guided by mythology and self-discovery, illustrating the universal relevance of myth in modern lives. This conversation highlights the transformative power of embracing one's narrative, the importance of following your personal bliss, and the impact of mythology on personal and communal growth.

Episode Highlights

1:01 Introducing Stephen Gerringer

9:50 Stephen recounts his struggles with Graves disease and his experiences with refusing the wake up call.

19:25 Susanna and Stephen discuss the stages of the heroā€™s journey and the importance of answering the call.

29:23 Stephen shares how embracing his gifts and following his bliss has led him to working with the Joseph Campbell foundation.

41:08 Susanna and Stephen explore the power of myth and feeling guided on your hero/heroineā€™s journey.

Get To Know Stephen Gerringer

Stephen Gerringer and his wife Destiny live in Modesto, California. After 9/11, Stephen stepped away from teaching English and Literature in junior high to pursue his interest in the mythic imagination. He has been a Working Associate of Joseph Campbell Foundation since 2003, where Stephenā€™s responsibilities have included writing essays, facilitating collaborations with other institutions, and speaking on mythic themes to JCF Mythological RoundTableĀ® groups, outside organizations, and college and high school audiences.

Stephen is the author of Myth and Modern Living: A Practical Campbell Compendium, and editor of Joseph Campbell's latest work, Myth and Meaning: Conversations of Mythology and Life, published this past November by New World Library.

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