Season 5 Episode 3 - Interview with Rebecca Goff

Season #5

In this inspiring episode, Susanna sits down with Rebecca Goff, a remarkable transitions coach with a unique story of resilience, transformation, and the pursuit of passions beyond the conventional path. From her origins in accounting to embracing her love for music and hair styling, Rebecca shares her journey through significant life transitions, including the profound impact of personal loss and the quest for meaningful legacy. This conversation is a testament to the power of listening to one's inner voice, exploring diverse talents, and the courage to redefine one's identity at any stage of life.

Episode Highlights

1:06 Introducing Rebecca Goff

8:38 Rebecca shares how she took the leap out of her comfort zone and the importance of exploring your passions on the Heroine's Journey. 

16:56 Rebecca discusses what led her to becoming a transitions coach. 

19:16  Rebecca explains how using the eclipse method of decision making can help with gaining clarity.

31:29 Rebecca and Susanna discuss how you’re never too old to make a transition.

Get To Know Rebecca Goff

Rebecca is a retired accountant with 30 years experience.  In 2022, she became a self-employed entrepreneur.  While she maintains a small accounting/consulting practice, Rebecca has found that her real passion is in helping people through transitions.  

She is currently building her Transition Coaching practice to help people navigate some of life’s major transitions including first time employment for stay at home mom’s, mid-career changes or pivots, transitioning to retirement, and navigating transitional finances due to loss of a parent or partner.

Rebecca helps people design holistic lifestyles that support personal pace, build a legacy, and account for self-expression and identity.  Rebecca is available for one on one coaching sessions to help you navigate your own transitions.




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