Season 4 Episode 10 - Interview With Linda Carey

Season #4

In this powerful episode, we meet Linda Carey, a beacon of resilience and hope in the face of metastatic breast cancer. Linda, the president of the Tutu Project, shares her journey from diagnosis to becoming a voice for those affected by cancer. Through her story, we explore how art, photography, and personal advocacy play pivotal roles in her coping strategy and her mission to support others. This episode not only dives into Linda's personal battles and victories but also highlights the transformative power of vulnerability and the arts in healing and advocacy.

Episode Highlights

1:12 Introducing Linda Carey. 

7:50 Linda talks about her start on The Heroine's Journey.

26:03 Linda talks about facing her fears.

40:11 Linda shares her parting words, who she is, and a few tips for future heroines.

Get To Know Linda Carey 

Linda Carey is the president of The Tutu Project, a breast cancer nonprofit. 
She has worked for over 25 years as a manager and still photography producer for 
commercial and editorial assignments for Bob Carey Photography. 

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time in 2003, Linda 
emerged from behind the scenes as a voice, advocate, and inspiration for others 
touched by the disease. As co-founder of The Tutu Project, she has led wildly 
successful digital campaigns, including 2015ā€™s Dare2Tutu, and written compelling 
articles for like-minded outlets. 

Linda continues to speak at conferences about living with Metastatic Breast Cancer as a chronic disease, and about how art and photography have helped her cope with her diagnosis. Linda also works with AstraZeneca Life Beyond Pink Program, has spoken at Cleveland Clinicā€™s Patient Experience: Empathy & Innovation Summit, and the Texas Christian Universityā€™s Pink Luncheon.  

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