Season 4 Episode 9 - Interview With Karen D'Silva

Season #4

In this inspiring episode of the podcast, Susanna delves into the creative and entrepreneurial journey of Karen D'Silva. Karen shares her extensive experience in enhancing brand and artist visibility through strategic marketing, alongside her personal passion for clay artistry, which led to the creation of her own oyster plate company. Throughout the episode, Karen discusses the interplay between her artistic endeavors and her professional skills, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of balancing creativity with business acumen. Her story is a vivid illustration of pursuing one's passion and turning it into a viable enterprise.

Episode Highlights

1:21 Introducing Karen D'Silva

9:43 Karen talks about how she started seeing her life from a different perspective.

20:00 Karen discusses her comfort zone challenge.

33:25 Karen talks more about starting and finishing The Heroine's Journey.

Get To Know Karen D'Silva

Karen has over 25 years of experience helping artists and brands enhance their reach and engagement.  This work has led her to found Karen D’Silva Creative Services, which focuses on helping photographers, artists, agencies, and small businesses produce and create relevant marketing campaigns around their content.

Throughout her career, Karen ran the creative department for Photonica’s North American region. She directed and edited art for Getty Images in New York and helped lead Image Bank’s creative department. Karen’s work now focuses on helping photographers and other artists expand their businesses through digital marketing, social, and branded strategy.

Karen has always been an artist herself. As a clay artist, she started Serving Oysters - an oyster plate company born out of her creative side and was launched with her marketing side. Karen has always strived for balance in her life. Making art and showing artists and small businesses how to make their dream businesses successful is her goal. 

Karen is also a graduate of The School for Real-Life Heroines!

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