Have you ever said these things to yourself? 


“I wish I could do more in my life, I just feel so stuck.” 

“I want to go after {a promotion, a new job, travel to a new country, etc}, but I don’t know how.”

“She seems to have it so easy. What’s her secret?”

“If only I had this, I’d be happy.”

Would you be surprised to know that you’re not alone in having these thoughts?

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.


Today, I'm going to make this even easier for you! Same online course, but a price point that will fit anyone's budget.


1.  FREE - I want to help even if it means giving the course away 

2. $199 - For someone who wants to pay something but can't afford the full price

3. $599 - My retail price for the online course


Helping one person will not change the world, but it will change the world for one person.


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All The Tools You Need To  Travel The Heroine's Path.


Are you a fan of fairy tales? Maybe you prefer a Sci-fi story or a good old underdog tale? Me too. Did you know they perform a greater role in society than entertaining us? All this time, these lessons we needed to hear were right under our noses. See, the stories originate from the Hero's Journey concept. They are a how-to guide for living your best life.

As you take my course, I want you to think of me as that insightful guide our hero(ine) always meets. Lesson by lesson, I'm going to train you how to travel on this path. I'll teach you the skills you need to hear what will make you happy. And once you've figured out what you want, I'll show you a way to separate your worries about what you don't want to happen, from what you do want to happen. Our energy has to be focused on what we want. And when you're ready, I'll help you envision the life you desire, so we can build a step-by-step plan to get you there. 

"Every time I do the course exercises, I am getting to know myself better. Listening to my inner self. Connecting with all the areas of my life that have been lost for a long time. I am more focused on what I really want and how I really feel. It is such a welcome challenge."


Sara, student

You Do Not Find A Happy Life. You Make it.


My dear heroine, this is a choice you have to arrive at on your own. Making change takes work. It wouldn't be fair to promise you a magic formula or instant success. I will say this if you are ready to take a step out of your comfort zone, this course is designed specifically for you. Together, we will learn about the Heroine's Journey, the ancient path that has had proven success for centuries. Over my 3 modules and 24 lessons (plus extra videos, assignments, and resources), I will help you to see you have the strength inside of you to make anything happen. 

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Listen to Susanna tell you about her school.

 My work is with women. I have dedicated my life to helping prepare real-life women to make a change. My goal is to empower you all, awaken the fire inside.

We all travel on the same path, and if you prepare for what is coming up you will realize that even the hard things that happen, looking back, can really be beneficial to your life.