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Are you ready to connect, collaborate, and empower yourself and others? Join our Gatherings, a unique way to network, learn and celebrate the power of women lifting each other up.


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Our events are for any woman who wants to connect, learn, grow, and be a part of a supportive community. Our different programs:

The Circle of Connection

As we take a short break from our journeys, we gather at our favorite meeting place, a more intimate setting for women to share where they have been, what they are doing, and what is next for themselves. We'll break the ice with interactive exercises to spark genuine conversations and foster lasting connections.

A Network Adventure

 This isn't just another networking event. We'll have opportunities for you to exchange insightful advice with our fellow attendees, follow up with new connections, and build your support system.

Empowering Talks & Sharing Skills

 Our guest speakers have come to share their knowledge and teach you something you can use on your journey. They offer valuable insights for navigating your path. Want to learn how to market your art? Engage in a tarot-inspired experiential workshop to help you see your story differently. Take a mini-workshop on specific skill sets.


Embark on a transformative journey with Weheroines retreats! Whether you seek a rejuvenating weekend escape or a life-changing two-week immersion, destinations like Ireland and Hawaii await. These retreats go beyond the ordinary, offering a sanctuary to reconnect with your inner self. Through workshops, guided meditations, and exploration of the wisdom of powerful women throughout history, you'll learn to tap into your intuition and cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself.

First Semester 2024

February 3rd Empowering Talks & Sharing Skills

Erin Curren Solo PlayBack

Cost: Buy two tickets for $30

Playback theatre is a type of improvisation based on the true stories of the audience members who volunteered at the moment. It uses reflective listening, movement, fabric, music, metaphor, narrative, and song to honor the storyteller’s lived experience. Playback aims to bring people together, honor the universal in our shared lived experience, and dissolve the illusion of separateness. Playback performances are collaborative, creative, community-building events designed to deepen connections between individuals and groups.

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March 6th The Circle of Connection


Kelly, the new Inn owner, has graciously invited us to host our Circle of Connection. Come for tea and coffee as we talk about our leaps out of our comfort zone.

April 6th Empowering Talks & Shared Skills


Email to RSVP and let us know a little bit about your business so we can customize your experience. [email protected]

May 20th: A Networking Adventure


Email to RSVP¬†so we have a head count. [email protected]

May 31st - June 2nd: Attracting The Life You Want: A Life Planning Retreat For Women


Three-day retreat, including meals and accommodations, available for an extra charge of xxx.

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Second Semester 2024 Coming Soon...

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