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If you want to (really) Live, you have to leave! 


Fall! We’re not waiting for the New Year. Fall is the best time for stepping into new things. Fall is the best time for… are you ready for the FREE Comfort Zone Challenge?!?  

 Life calls to you at different times. It can be a nudge, an intuitive hit, a wakeup call…a message to you from your heart, your soul, from your wise inner self telling you that something needs to change. And often, that means leaving a “place” where you’ve been relatively comfortable, a.k.a. your Comfort Zone. Or maybe you weren’t even that comfortable, but you were used to it. You knew the terrain. Now, this “call” is asking you to leave something that you’ve grown used to and that is often a daunting proposition. The Comfort Zone Challenge is here to help. I’ve found that there’s a way to practice leaving your comfort zone in small steps, to exercise that “leaving” muscle so that it isn’t so hard. That’s what the Comfort Zone Challenge is about – practicing.

How the challenge works

Each week, you will receive an email with instructions on what to do to build your capability to leave your comfort zone…to build your courage to take the steps needed to get you ready for your next life adventure.

Ready? Let's do this!

Join Us As We Take This FREE Comfort Zone Challenge

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits and live your best life.

Does this sound like you?


I'm too old to start over.

I'm not talented enough.

Things aren't bad enough for me to leave.

What if I mess things up?

Things are fine. I'm happy enough most of the time.

I need to focus on others, not myself.

If you are not happy, then change your story!


Start by challenging yourself. One small action outside of your comfort zone. One small step closer to how you want your life to be.

Take The Comfort Zone Challenge. Sign Up By October 30th.

Yes, that's right. I'm playing along too. What's my challenge?

Click on the video and find out. My head is already full of fear and doubt. It's telling me I'm crazy and just to quit all this nonsense and run. You know what? I'm doing this!

Are you looking for a new way of living life?

My School For Real-Life Heroines is designed for women who crave more out of life. Each lesson sheds light on a part of the journey, giving my students the insight, courage, and strength to keep going. They learn how to turn their seemingly unreachable goals into reality.

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