Life allows us to move forward, grow, progress – and change. And when this happens, it requires that we make a transition – from one way of being to another. This could be from an actual place (career, job, home, city…) to another, or it could be from one way of thinking to another. 

I Coach Women Through Their Transitions

 I want to help you be your most authentic self.


Transitions involve letting go of what was before and moving through an uncertain period when you’re seeking clarity (and when you can be very uncertain and unsure) and then landing in a new “something” (job, position, relationship, country, situation) that you have to then get used to because it’s usually quite different from the old “something.” They require that you listen to your own inner voice.

30 mins Discovery Call


The thirty-minute discovery call is for you to learn about what I offer as tools to help you on your growth journey. I’ll ask you about where you are in life in the moment – what you’re looking for - and then offer up some options for how you can work with me.  It helps us both get a sense of each other so we will know if we want to work together. It’s about exploring the possibility of working together.


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Coaching Packages

Coaching packages are available in several increments:

  •   One-hour coaching session 
  •  Four 1-hour sessions 
  •  Eight 1-hour sessions 
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"I can only admit this now, but I thought my life had played itself out. I was along for the ride now. There were no more adventures, no more excitement. Little did I know, I was stuck in my comfort zone. Turns out I had a lot more left in me. I am now living better than ever. And most importantly, I feel like the real me. I knew she was under there somewhere."

Carmen, client

"I read the occasional self-help book. I'm a huge fan of inspirational quotes, but I had never spoken to life coach before. My life was good, but there was this soft voice in my head that said I deserved more. A friend of mine suggested I speak with Susanna. We did the intuitive visioning mini-retreat together. So much fun - finding images from magazines, journaling, imagining a different future. It's one thing to dream, and another thing to take those dreams and make them into tangible action items. Once they were written down in front of me, they became something I could do. It's been about a year since we worked together. I feel like I should be pinching myself. Life is great. I'm checking off my to-do list. I feel like anything is possible. "

 Maureen, client

Intuitive Visioning

This is my personally guided mini-retreat. You will develop your own, personal strategic plan. It is so important to take the time to define what it is you want your life to look like, so you can start creating it! I’ve used this process since 2000 and it really works! It works even better with me as your personal guide! I’ve used this same approach with companies and organizations. They know the value of retreat time. (In-person in Maine or on Zoom) This process is also available as a DIY in the course.

Ask about doing this in a group!

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