Heroines Stepping Out and What's Coming Up

Grab a cup of tea or a coffee and let’s sit down so I can fill you in. There’s so much going on! No, I’m not talking about the election or the stock market, the climate summit, Hurricane Nicole, or the Beaver Blood Moon eclipse. Those are all worthy topics for discussion and we are fortunate to have experts who focus on and write about those events.

I have a different focus. My focus is on women who are working to develop and empower themselves to do what it is they believe they are here to do. I write about Heroines – and I do things to support Heroines.

So, here’s what’s happening in that regard (and I much appreciate your interest and willingness to read along):

The Comfort Zone Challenge began on Monday, October 31st – Halloween!

45 Heroines signed up to flex their “leaving their comfort zone” muscles. We are now into Week Three.

In Week One they were asked to do something small outside of one of their comfort zones (appearance, routine, diet, relationships with others, and with themselves). They did. These are just some of the “stretches” I heard about: 

  • I let my niece braid my hair into two big braids going down my back – and was carded when I ordered a Guinness at our local brewery!
  • I tried cheesy plantains at the farmer’s market.
  • I did a puzzle for a couple of hours straight on Saturday.
  • More than one person mentioned getting up early “with the sense I have something to get up for”
  • Drinking water with lemon (a good suggestion that surprisingly curbed my craving for caffeine and sweet treat breakfast)
  • Moving my body (gentle yoga)
  • Doing art again
  • Walking the beach
  • Meditating
  • Seeing art – taking the time to visit galleries and art stores
  • And writing…people have started writing (Yes, I’m still doing https://nanowrimo.org/about-nano)

And so much more…

Week Two was about remembering. Remembering the times in the past when they had left their comfort zones. That, of course, leads to – then why would you ever doubt that you can do it again and again? We are so keen on accomplishing what’s next that we forget what epic things we’ve done!

I’ve heard stories of “serial” zone leavers. I believe once you do consciously leave and step outside then you are more prone to keep doing it. Like, Marcia Agius of Inspire Always. She has committed to doing something uncomfortable (outside her comfort zone) every month. In October she held a live falcon and then went sand surfing. You can follow her on Instagram @_inspirealways and @marciaagius Marcia is truly inspiring! (And remember this, too, - what is uncomfortable for someone else might not be for you and visa versa – everyone’s “zone of comfort” is unique.)

And I put a little summary on Instagram about Week Two which you can see here: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ck2zU7hhFlD/

This is Week Three of the Challenge. This is when the Heroines choose their actual leap – what they commit to do. Week One and Week Two were the “getting ready” parts. Now for a more calculated LEAP. What will they report out on when we celebrate at the end of the Challenge, on December 14th? I can’t wait to hear what they choose – I’ll keep you posted!

November 25th: Black Friday is about Deals, Right?

This has been the “Year of Free” for me. (My husband just shakes his head, lol!) It’s hard to try to find a better deal than free – but that’s just been for my online course Your Epic Journey of Transformation. My coaching still comes with a fee (a reduced fee for students in the course, however) and we’re discounting that as well on Black Friday.   

My coach, Jake Ballentine, uses this example when encouraging his clients to spread their message: if you knew a tsunami was coming to your neighborhood, what would you do to let people know?

I’m using all of these approaches: free, discounted, the podcast, the blog, the school, the videos, the social media, a newsletter, and an online community to shout out my message that every woman is the Heroine of her own epic story and there are journey markers for that story.

If you learn them, then the journey isn’t necessarily easier, but you are comforted that this is the way to growth, to meaning, to what you were put here to do. And you’re not alone. Many women have traveled this path before you and now are traveling with you! Do you hear me? I hope so! I hope it's sinking in - way deep inside.

So, I’m banging on your door, Heroine! There’s no tsunami but there is a huge amount of energy lifting you up if you believe that you are, indeed, a Heroine – and learn what that means.

November 26th: Small Business Saturday: The Evolution of the Shout Out Newsletter and Directory to The Store!

Saturday, November 26th is Small Business Saturday, and we have fabulous small businesses to show you. We have proudly served as a place to incubate, encourage and feature our entrepreneurial Heroines, our artists, and the extraordinary women providing great services and products.

We morphed. We started out calling them out in my newsletter. Quarterly we’d have a Shout-Out Newsletter for anyone who wanted their business or services to be featured. We built something we called The Directory and included it in that same newsletter. But guess what? It grew and we thought – hmmm, visibility. How can we enhance the visibility of these Heroines and their excellent work? Could we build something on our website that would hold the Directory?

Yep. We could and we did. Hammering and sawing are still going on as I write this but soon, we’ll be sharing the link to the Store on my website!! How exciting is that?

All proceeds flow directly to the Heroine. The entire community of Heroines has encouraged and fostered the dreams and creativity of these women and we ask that you support them, too. Please look at what’s in there when you get the link (soon!!!) and buy from a Heroine.

Oh, and you’ll see some of my stuff in there, too: my book, t-shirts, mugs, and school swag. You know you want your very own The School for Real-Life Heroines t-shirt, right? Of course, you do!

November 28th, Cyber Monday: The Return of our Second Annual Holiday Gift List

We’ve been scouring the catalogs and the online multitude of gift lists for things that a Heroine like you would like or would like for another Heroine. We found some real goodies and will bring that list to you just in time for you to find just the right gift for the holidays.

November 29th, Giving Tuesday: Heroines List Their Favorite Charities

Ask a Heroine to give you the name of one of her favorite charities and she won’t give you just one, she’ll give you a list! Heroines are givers. Some of the charities we’ll be listing and sharing on the 29th are run by Heroines, themselves, others are recommendations for non-profits they are passionate about. Be on the lookout for that list, too!

The Gathering: Introducing An online Community For Heroines

Maybe I’m most excited about this. Getting amazing women together to share their stories, to inspire and encourage one another has always been a mission of mine. Building community is where I find my joy. Now, apart from all the other online chatter and chaos, you can find this space on my website to talk with one another and share where you are on the journey. Here is the link. There’s no fee to join. You just need to share your email. You’ll find other women walking the journey road, experiencing growth and challenges and I hope, a good amount of joy, too along the way.

The School for Real-Life Heroines continues. Now we have four modules. I am planning a group coaching experience in 2023 for women to travel through the course together. Look for news about that in December. The course will not be free after December 31 of this year. So, now is the time to enroll!

All this activity…I know it’s a lot. I look forward to it as I truly enjoy this time of year. But I also look forward to the deeper quiet of winter – those snow days and a real reason to have a fire in the fireplace. My Instagram friend, Jennifer Bleau posted this poem and it says just what I’m feeling as I wait for the activity to lessen and the quiet to get louder:

I like misty autumn mornings,

And cold snowy winter nights.

Rainstorms bring me innerpeace,

Thunder sets my soul alight.

I care not for summer,

Days too long, the heavy heat.

Give me candlelight evenings,

Early darkness, a silent street.  ~ Natalia Crow