Are you redeemable?

Of course, you are! Whatever needs work in us (if there is anything!) is always fixable. If you want to fix it or a better way to say it – if you want to change something about yourself, at any time, you can. It’s your choice. But sometimes you need help…

We Are All Redeemable 

In my last video, I talked about how the technique the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future used to change Scrooge would also be appropriate for us. They showed him scenes from his life that made him transform into a much better human being.

I also talked about Spirited, the modern remake, of Charles Dickens’ story, A Christmas Carol, recently released by Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. I suggested that everyone could benefit from seeing a movie about our lives. It would open our eyes to how we could be better.

(And for the record, I’m not suggesting you’re like Scrooge, who needed major improvement! If you’re like me or most humans, there’s always something that you can better about yourself.

The message of both these stories is we are redeemable. If you haven’t seen it (and I’m being careful not to say too much) – Spirited is the same idea that Dickens had – take someone who needs redeeming and have them look at their past, present, and future and see if they change and become a better person – as Scrooge did. 

I’ll let you guess who’s needing redeeming – Ryan or Will.

A Story Of Transformation

I loved the movie – of course, I would, it is a story of transformation, which is my favorite kind of story. Hello – Hero’s and Heroine’s Journey…all about evolving! I can’t even watch a show where the characters don’t grow and transform. 

In Spirited we see all the background work that occurs to create the past, present, and future scenes that will be shown to the person in need of redemption. There’s a lot to do and a lot of helpers.

We could never do this. We don’t have a cast of hundreds planning for our redemption…or do we?

Hmm  - some would say we do (yes, I’m in that group – I’m sure you’re not surprised) Just consider all the stories about angels, particularly around this time of year.

I believe that Life, with a capital L (you can call it angels, the Universe, our higher self…whatever you prefer to name it), does help us see what we need to see. The messages are sent to us but often they have a hard time getting through. Then Life helps us by sending a more forceful message – like the wake-up calls we get from time to time. As much as they are hard to go through sometimes it’s the only way a message we need to hear, some lesson needing to be learned, gets through.

I’d love to hear your stories about this kind of help coming into your lives. I think you’d tell me about angel experiences. People appear at just the right time to offer advice that changed the course of your life. Sophy Burnham, whom I had the privilege of interviewing for my Real-Life Heroines’ Podcast wrote A Book of Angels, Reflections on Angels Past and Present, and True Stories of How They Touch Our Lives.  Her book, which sold over a million copies, is full of stories that people shared with her about when angels came into their lives at just the right moment.

What Are You Not Seeing?

As a coach, I’m always working with people to help them see what they might not be seeing – mostly, about themselves. It would be so much fun to put together a movie of their past, present, and future – as they did in Spirited. But I don’t have a production company. All those people getting all the details right so someone could relive their transformative experiences. There would be way too many. Yikes. Think of everything that has shaped you. Way too much - but what if I asked you to identify just the major turning points?

What if we just did it on our own, a quick review minus the otherworldly production company?

Big Leaps 

Turning points in life usually correspond to what we call “leaps” in the Heroine’s Journey. For example – some of the big leaps in my life:

  • My divorce
  • Leaving my corporate job
  • Starting my own business
  • Marrying again
  • Closing my consulting business
  • Re-starting my women’s empower business

These were big decision-making points in my life – and definite shapers of me. I just think of what I was like and what my life was like before any of these “leaps” and I realize how much I’ve changed as a result.

What if I was still in that corporation – if I had not left to start my own business? I would be such a different person. Or…

If I had stayed in my first marriage – Or…

If I hadn’t closed my consulting business and stayed coaching executives instead of women on their Heroine’s Journey.

I’d like you to try it. Just give me three – three big leaps you’ve made that you know have significantly changed the trajectory of your life.

The Scenes Of Your Life


Ok – Next let’s give that to our “pretend” production company to recreate. They’ll need details to show you the scenes from your life – the scenes that shaped you into the amazing person you are today:

  1. Where were you before you took your leap; what was your life like?
  2. What did it take for you to do the leap? Did you need to get a “wake-up call?” What was your moment of “awareness?”
  3. What did you have to find deep within yourself that got you to rise to the occasion and do what you knew you needed to do?
  4. How did you change as a result?

I can see it all now, dear Heroine, your story, your triumphs, up on the big screen. Don’t discount it, please. What you’ve done is admirable, and inspiring. Don’t think your story is too small. It may not be made for Hollywood, but it may be even more significant – a true story of growth and transformation – and its impact is far-reaching. After all, this is how we change the world – one brave woman at a time.

There Is A Happy Ending

Of course, there’s a happy ending in both these stories – A Christmas Carol and Spirited. We are redeemable, absolutely and there’s so much comfort in knowing that. The choices are yours heroine – will you notice, will you see what is seeking to be revealed? 

Knowing you? No question!! 

May you have many more major turning points – many more leaps. They are what makes a woman a Heroine – just like you.

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