The Second, Annual, Real-Life Heroines Holiday Gift Guide (+ Cyber Monday 2022 Deals!)

We are doing it again (here’s what we did last year) - sharing what’s out there to please Heroines young and old. My hope, dear Heroines, is that you’ll find here something here to make your own shopping easier and maybe even more fun.

What were our selection criteria? Well, our intuition led the way - that shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been following this blog. And then we tested for what brings us joy. And we allowed our left brains to insert some practicality. And overall, because you know, the economy…we tried for relatively inexpensive. Oh, and of course, our creative inner child got to weigh in whenever she wanted to (though we did tell her no when she wanted “just candy” or “more candy” lol).

Oh, and we remembered that all Heroines have that strong caretaking gene, so…we thought about how you think about other people, too…so, well…let’s just get to it.

So much fun shopping with you, Heroines.

Another hope is that whatever it is that you pour your beautiful energy into for the people on your gift list - may it make them truly happy and feel loved. Happy Holidays, Heroines!

For Heroines

Can we start with you, first? Fill Your Well, Heroines! You know how important that is by now.

Values Cards

These are great. They were recommended to me by Susan Ireland, one of my podcast guests in Season 3. It’s a quick way to identify what you really care about – and what you don’t! Very helpful to Heroines navigating their Journey. 

Grab The Live Your Values Cards

Manifestation Tattoos  

Members of the Heroines’ Gathering tried out these fun temporary tattoos right before the Comfort Zone Challenge. Great reminders.

Grab The Conscious Ink - Manifestation Tattoos

Bluetooth Trackers 

No more wandering around the parking lot looking for my car…or looking in the house for my glasses, or keys – or dog!! I might need two sets of these!

Grab The Bluetooth Trackers 

DIY Massage Tool 

Need to relieve some tension? Treat yourself with this back and neck massager! 

Grab The Massage Tool

Happy Box

Here’s the perfect gift box for you or for you to gift to Heroines you know who want to make the world a better place. 

Grab The Happy Box 

Some Fabulous Glasses 

Do you wear glasses? Then let them be stunning glasses. You can utilize a site like Zenni Optical AND get a gift card from them too! 

Check Out Zenni Optical

Practical Gifts

If you're looking for gifts that just make sense, and that anyone can use, check these out! 

White Noise Machine

These are great to have on hand for company sleepovers or for your kids who are comforted by the sound of the fan to get to sleep - like mine. 

Grab The White Noise Machine

Dust Cleaning Gel

This is a fantastic cleaning tool that gets into all those impossible places – like in between keys on your keyboard – or those cracks that hold a multitude of crumbs in the console of your car!

Grab The Dust Cleaning Gel

Coleman Lantern 

These are handy to have, especially for power outages or backyard camping. We use ours a lot! 

Grab The Coleman Lantern

The Best Beach Umbrella 

We have struggled long enough with the old kind of beach umbrella – these are perfect.

Grab A Beach Umbrella

A Fanny Pack 

My daughter told me they are back – they are!

Grab A Fanny Pack

Wireless Sleep Headphones 

I’m giving these to my husband who likes to listen to music while he’s going to sleep – and to my daughter who likes to listen to meditation as she’s drifting off.

Grab The SleepPhones

Pillow-Soft Slide Sandals 

I am learning to be kind to my feet – your feet will love these.

Grab The Sandals

The Perfect Tote 

There will be room for everything in this tote, even your laptop. Great for your hybrid working colleagues!

Grab The Tote

For The Cook In Your Life 

If you know someone who loves being in the kitchen (or if that's you!), this list has some great gift ideas! 

All-In-One Kitchen Set 

This is so cool and so well-designed. 8 kitchen tools in one!

Grab The Tool

Gestura Spoon 

EVERY cook should have one of these! They're beautiful and functional. 

Grab The Spoon


Why have the boring scrubbers for your pots and pans when you can have these?

Grab The Scrubbers

Mac Knife

When friends help me cook they are always complaining about the state of my knives. It’s time for one of these…maybe for you, too. 

Grab The Knife

Cooking Strips 

No more worrying if you can get the cake out nicely. These are genius!

Grab The Cake Strips

Eating And Drinking 

We all have to eat and drink, why not romanticize your habits a bit? 


These make great coffee, and they are the perfect way to make coffee on a camping trip.

Grab An Aeropress


This offers an easy way to make a latte at home! 

Grab The Frother


What is Matcha? Green tea leaves crushed into a powder form. It is rich in nutrients. You can even put it on your skin! Oh, and a Zen monk from China brought it to Japan in the year 1191! There is a ritual to go with it. How about trying it as a calm down practice during this busy time?

Grab Some Matcha

Blueberry Wine 

Bluet Wild Blueberry Sparkling Wine captures summers in Maine perfectly. (Personal note – it’s a very pretty color blue and very dry.)

Grab The Wine

Box Of Maine 

Some of the fun things my home state is known for…brought to you!

Grab A Box Of Maine

For The Home

Your home deserves some TLC too! Here's some awesome gifts for your abode. 

Plant Straws

The best way to water your plants, particularly if you’re going to be away. And, they're made by a father-daughter team in Sweden. 

Grab The Plant Straws

ARLO Video Doorbell 

Yes, this will make my dog bark even more than he already does – but how nice to be able to check in on your home when you’re away.

Grab The Doorbell

Having Fun 

Girls (and boys!) just wanna have F-u-un! Check out these cool gifts. 

Ping Pong Game 

No room for a ping pong table in your house? No problem! Look at this!

Grab The Game

Lava Lamp 

You know you’ve always wanted one of these. 

Grab The Lava Lamp

The Hive Game 

This game is sort of like chess but with bees and grasshoppers!

Grab The Hive Game

The Actually Curious Game

This is a four-level conversation starter game that eases you in to a more meaningful discussion – and connection.

Grab The Actually Curious Game

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

I want this, Santa! 10 epic mysteries to solve! If you like those mysteries where you have to connect the dots and clues – this is for you. And it's great to play with a group too.

Grab The Sherlock Holmes Game

Light Strips 

I’d put these everywhere in my home if I could. Colored lights just say “happy."

Grab The Light Strips 

2022 Holiday Gift Guide 

As you can see, there are SO many great ideas for both you and your loved ones. Need some more gifts? Check out my 2021 holiday gift guide for more inspiration! 


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