The First, Annual, Real-Life Heroines Holiday Gift Guide

Here it is, our first offering of just the right thing for those real-life heroines, young and old, in your lives. When you want to know about what makes a Real-Life Heroine happy, it works to ask them – so I did.

Here are the ideas my team and I put together and some from the women in my Real-Life Heroines Network on Facebook (come join us there!) that were offered. I hope they make you and the people on your gift list, happy, too! Happy Holidays, Heroines.

*Note*: In full transparency, some of these gifts are affiliate links. While you won't pay a penny more, I may make a commission from sales.

Gifts For The Young Heroines (& Heroes) In Your Life

Shopping for your child, a niece or nephew, or really any kid in your life? Try these gifts!

The Hero’s Journal: Give Your Goal a Quest

These guys have a lot of fun with the Hero’s Journey.

A Mighty Girl

This website has the best books for inspiring young heroines to be their most amazing selves. Check out their holiday ideas – they’re wonderful!


Look at this pencil set celebrating (just a few of) the amazing women of black history, and their indelible legacies. 50% of all the shop's proceeds go to charities that champion women from all walks of life. The Black Women of History's pencil set will help raise donations for Black Women's Blueprint.

Super Smalls

Can we just say “Sparkle?!?” You’re going to want to borrow these gems from your little heroine friends!!

Kikkerland Solar-powered Rainbow Maker

My mother always used to tell me that seeing rainbows meant good fortune – now you can see them inside, too. They have a video if you want to see them in action.

Journey Dolls

It’s never too early to introduce the Heroine’s Journey to the girls in your life. (They could probably teach you as the world has provided them with many examples…Greta Thunberg, Moana, Hermoine, and my fav, Dorothy!) Here’s a great doll to accompany them on their journey.

Gifts For The Women You Love

Psssttt.... that means you, too, Heroine! Check out these gifts.

Hand Painted Guides

Dolls aren’t just for kids! Look at these beautiful Traveler – Journey Guides, hand painted and crafted by Susan Barnes. She sells them in Markings Gallery in Bath, Maine. I have one (of course!) and I love her.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

I’m putting pet stuff in the women’s list because we all know we women usually are the pet moms, too. My friend, Jeanne, got me – well, my dog, Max — a bowl like this and it has changed his eating from one gulp to several! They really work if you want to slow your doggie down so he or she actually tastes what you’re feeding them!


Who says it’s too late to learn how to tap dance? They send you a little dance mat, taps to put over your shoes, and DVDs and you’re ready to start practicing for Riverdance!! Well, that was my vision – but I’m still learning and have a ways to go before I can try out!! It’s for you if you love to mix some dance in with your exercise.

Phenomenal Woman Glasses

For those of you who love Maya Angelou and her words that inspire us to remember we’re phenomenal… grab these glasses that remind you every day.


I am always creating photo books and photo gifts because, well…I love to have them around so I remember all my good memories. Here’s an easy way to gift Chatbooks to those you love and to yourself.

Wonder Woman Artwork

We all need this because the world doesn’t often help us remember! You are a wonder woman reminder!

Handcrafted Jewelry

This is beautiful jewelry created by women who have been through the fire and come out the other side – true Heroines. Learn more on their website – where you can also make a donation.

Cosmetic Bag With A Message

We love this Heroine’s poetry and her light. Give this gift to someone who needs to remember the light – in herself.

This Day In History Boxed Calendar

This boxed calendar helps us remember the Heroines who have journeyed before us.

Dorothy Medallion

Remember what Glinda said to Dorothy? You had the power all along.

Hero’s Journey Dream Oracle

These are beautiful cards. Draw one every day to get guidance for your Heroine’s Journey.

Dorothy Wizard Of Oz Pin Brooch

Here’s our reminder – these shoes might not literally be on our feet with their magic three-clicks to take us home. But that magic is inside of us, our intuition helps us get to where we want to go. Have this pin as your reminder.

Zero Waste Gift Box

Be an Earth Hero(one!). This gift box introduces the receiver (and giver) to basic ways to make a difference on this beautiful planet of ours.

Recommendations from our own Facebook Group, The Real-Life Network Heroines

Kat’s Recommendation

How about Pashminas? The gypsy version of a “Heroines Cape” – Heroines need capes, too.

Amanda's Recommendation

A Dreams and Goals Journal – here’s one I found that looks interesting. You can also try this fun journal.

Amanda also suggested this great idea: A weekend in a yurt (or wherever) to use as a writing or self-care retreat. This is glamping at its best!

Eva's Recommendation

These are absolutely the best skincare products! Especially for aging skin. I’ve never used such great products for sensitive skin.

Tracy's Recommendation

I love this book title. I think it may be required reading for Heroines. "Rejected Princesses: Tales of History’s Boldest Heroines, Hellions, and Heretics" by Jason Porath.

Choose To Donate!

I’m going to end with some great non-profits (also in our Real-Life Heroines Group) that would be happy to have your donation.

Stop Trafficking US

You can donate here. You can also check out my podcast for my interview with Catherine Ann Wilson.


You can donate to MainWorks here. Margo Walsh and her sister, Elaine, have helped the previously incarcerated find dignity, a place in the world, again - and a job! I also interviewed Margo for my Real-Life Heroines Podcast.