The Heroine’s Journey

The Heroine’s Journey

There is a recognizable pattern in the stories handed down to us from cultures all around the world, – that of the heroine’s or hero’s journey. In the stories, a seemingly “ordinary” person has something happen to her that takes her from her known world to an unknown world where she meets all kinds of challenges that culminate in some sort of monumental task, like dragon slaying, and which serve to stretch and grow the heroine so that the “regular” person is transformed in to a much more “realized” person, who has a new awareness about herself and what she’s capable of. The journey has “birthed” her into who she really was all along – a Heroine.

Of course, as often in story, there are real truths that apply to us in real life buried in the plot. The heroine’s journey story really is a story of our own personal growth and development. It is about our willingness (or unwillingness!) to leave our known world (our comfort zone) and venture out and try new things, sometimes meeting great challenges, but more often than not our journey results in growing and expanding us into our“bigger”, selves.

The journey has milestones that mark the way. The “Call to Adventure” is the first – this is the invitation to leave your comfort zone (Ordinary Life) and it can happen gently or with a bang, like finding out you’ve been laid off from your job.  There are other common milestones (crossing the threshold, meeting the mentor, the belly of the whale, the abyss, the reward, the return), – all ultimately challenging the heroine to be her best, most empowered self and then sharing the gifts she gains with the rest of the world.

Yes, we could talk about you and your life challenges and never mention the Heroine’s Journey but it’s so much more fun to fit your self-development work within that framework. And why shouldn’t we? Your story is just as powerful as any other storybook heroine’s!  That’s another thing about heroines – they believe in themselves, their worth – the more women on this path, the better for all of us.

Current Offerings

The Heroine’s Journey Telecourse (None currently scheduled)

This telecourse provides women with an easily accessible model.  You can sit in your livingroom, dial in once a week and embark on a group journey that has the potential to change your life…if you want it to.   My course, because it’s limited to four women, gives you the feel of an in-person group even though you’re participating over the phone.  (I also offer retreats throughout the year that bring heroines together so they can meet in person.)

The telecourse is three parts in eight sessions.

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(Schedule adjustments can be made after we begin to accommodate people’s schedules.)

There is a workbook that you receive prior to session 1. There are assignments in between sessions and opportunities for staying in touch between the hour- hour and a half, weekly calls. (For those of you who have taken the in-person Heroine’s Journey, this telecourse encompasses the material you experienced in Levels 1 and 2 – and new material has been added!) Once you sign up you will receive the call-in phone number and the hardcopy Workbook.


Part 1 – Identity – Who am I , anyway? What do I want?

Session 1– You are a heroine
Session 2 – The call
Session 3 – Leaving the Comfort Zone … “Who do you think you are?”

Part 2 – Power – What’s available to me for support along the road?

Session 4 – What / Who supports and guides me?
Session 5 – Your Ruby Slippers

Part 3 – Direction – Where am I going? Challenges on the Road

Session 6 – Following your bliss
Session 7– Meeting our Fear
Session 8 – Coming home


8 calls, each 60-90 minutes long, facilitated and coached by Susanna Liller with interactive time for questions and feedback from all.
Companion Workbook
PDF course handouts
MP3 audios of all 8 calls
Communication via emails and teleconferencing between calls – and a followup call 6 weeks after the course is completed
A copy of Circle Power, Connecting to Something Greater by Susanna Liller

Your price: $

You will find that you are already on the journey.  What you learn in this course makes you a conscious and more empowered traveller.

It will connect you with your IDENTITY , POWER and DIRECTION.

IDENTITY: I want you to know you’re a heroine, unique in all the world and in all time. There will only be one you and it’s your job to bring you to your full potential.

POWER: I want you to know you are powerful. You have within you a connection to a great resource which can really help!

DIRECTION: I want you to know you can trust your inner guidance to lead you on the right path. You have an unerring directional system within you.

Getting clear on these three things – identity, power and direction, will equip you in a way that will help you make the most of your journey, the journey of life, the Heroine’s Journey.

I hope you’ll join me,

Please email , call 1-207-751-6556, or use the Contact Form for additional info or if you have questions about the registration process.