I am available to speak on the two topics that I’m most passionate about:

– The Heroine’s Journey: From Fear to Fulfillment: Take the Heroine’s Journey

– The Business of You: Creating Your Own Personal Strategic Plan


The Heroine’s Journey: From Fear to Fulfillment:  Take the Heroine’s Journey 

What do Bilbo Baggins, Alice in Wonderland, Luke Skywalker, Huckleberry Finn, Harry Potter, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Neo from The Matrix, Andrea from The Devil Wears Prada and you have in common?

All are heroes.  Yes, you, too. You are the hero of your own story..Maybe a wizard isn’t knocking on your door or you’re not jumping down a rabbit hole, but every day life presents you with challenges, and you meet them, like heroes do. As you know from the stories, it’s the challenges that make the heroes grow and become all that they can be.  It’s the same for you. So, how do you see life, as a frightening series of struggles to be avoided or a grand adventure bringing you closer and closer to the person you want to be?  Susanna Liller invites you to choose to view your life as a journey of wonder and mystery, with opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth at every turn.  The Hero’s Journey transports you into the fascinating unfolding of your personal quest for true meaning, purpose and authenticity.  Susanna’s presentation will help you:

—  Learn about the classic hero’s journey from literature, myth and cinema and how this enthralling self-actualization metaphor applies to your own life.

—  Discover where you are on your personal hero’s journey and recognize the milestones we all travel through to realize our own heroic selves.

—  Recognize the guides in your life who can help you to slay the dragons standing between you and the callings that beckon you.

— View life challenges as inspiring opportunities, not intimidating roadblocks.


The Business of You, Creating Your Own Personal Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Consultant for Companies and Organizations, Susanna Liller, had a big ah-ha in 2000….it’s not only companies that need strategic plans, people do, too – for their own lives.

Susanna has been doing them with individuals ever since and it really makes a difference. However, her workbook, The Business of You, gets at making your intentions a reality in a different way than she ever did it with companies.  She leads us through a process of connecting with your intuition and letting it provide clues as to what your life will look like in three years.

This is organic strategic planning from within, accessing your inner wisdom – instead of starting with a logical left brain approach, as companies do their planning, Susanna encourages you to use your right, intuitive and creative brain.  Susanna has helped many organizations and companies develop their direction for the future – now she helps you develop yours with The Business of You.