Coaching is a partnership.  Coaches aren’t therapists or counselors, rather I work with you as an equal and both of us have an active role. I am a certified coach (Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara) and using well-developed skills of observation, communication and problem-solving, I support you as an objective thinking partner. Coaching is the two of us working together to create more capability for you to effect meaningful change in your life and take dynamic action toward your goals.

Together we’ll determine an approach, how best to use the tools we both have to create the best coaching program for you. I often use the 360 assessment process to kick off a coaching engagement, as it provides a client with feedback from others, so you’re not starting off with just your perspective, but a range of perspectives. Clients can also use the Heroine’s Journey and Business of You programs that I’ve developed to help them gain insight into their lives. Sometimes it’s through dialogue and dialogue, alone, that we arrive at where you need and want to go.

I coach individuals outside and inside organizations.  Individuals hire me to help them achieve transitions in their personal and professional lives.  Organizations hire me to help leaders and executives improve performance and succeed with whatever challenges they’re facing.   There are myriad reasons why people hire coaches, overall it’s because one-on-one focus, attention and support gives us that extra support and encouragement we need to “really make it happen this time.”

Coaching is a “unique to the individual” process. The general stages of coaching are listed below, but your process might be different depending on your needs:

Getting to know you – laying the foundation to work together

Understanding your objectives

Gathering feedback from others – typically through a 360 interviewing process

Understanding resistance and where it is coming from

Defining where you want to go and the steps needed to get there, in detail

Tracking progress – holding you accountable

Celebrating successes!

Our coaching partnership will also include:

An initial call to discuss what’s best for you – We’ll talk first (at no cost to you) about what you’re looking for to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

Email support – Whether you have a question between sessions or want to update me on your progress or want a sounding board, you’ll have email support when you need it

Please call  207-751-6556 or email for a free consultation.