It’s funny how life comes full circle.  I began my career as a teacher of english and my favorite unit to teach was mythology.  Little did I know that I’d come to focus a business around the insights gleaned from myths and literature.  Even as a young child, I read voraciously and the books I returned to were those with the theme of transformation – that I would later understand to be the hero(ine)’s journey theme. That was the first time I heard what has become my calling, to spread the wisdom of the journey motif.  It’s fitting that my calling came from the stories, themselves. 

My path was circuitous, as most are.  I moved from teaching into the corporate business world and there discovered I could be an agent for transformation.  Human Resources, Organizational Development, Conflict Resolution, all became avenues for me to see others transform and learn to work together better.  I particularly enjoyed strategic planning with businesses and with non-profits and helping people in conflict understand what was keeping them apart and through that understanding, create improved relationships and processes. I left my corporate career in 1994 because I wanted more leeway in designing how I worked with people.  I hung out my shingle as a facilitator, mediator, consultant and coach, and have been doing this work since.   My consulting web site, www.lillerconsulting.com details how I work with organizations.

It is all about transformation:

  • from bringing large groups of people together with contract negotiations or with the federal enviromental impact assessment process;
  • to working with a small group of colleagues who can’t get along;
  • to coaching a manager to believe in himself enough to become a director.

In all this work I guide people on a journey of transformation… those who are open and ready for it.

In 2000, my own journey was transforming and  I added a business with a focus on women, which is  www.susannaliller.com.  I felt called to help women, specifically.   When there is time to share stories, challenges and ideas, women prosper.  They learn they aren’t alone on this journey of self-development and growth.  This business is focused on the unique journey each woman takes to become herself, the person she is, rather than the person others may want her to be.  This is what I call The Heroine’s Journey, the journey to one’s authentic self, and my work with women is all about giving them the tools for their journey.    I do this with programs like The Heroine’s Journey, The Comfort Zone Challenge and The Business of You.  I also take them on retreats off the coast of Maine and over the sea to France.  Sometimes you have to leave home to be able to see what’s been right in front of you all along!  I also work one on one with women as a personal coach, which is why I’m called The Heroine’s Coach.

Everyone’s on a journey – whether they need a plan, need to resolve a conflict, need coaching or need to believe in themselves more. These are people in transition, people working on the challenges of being alive – people transforming.  Supporting, encouraging and celebrating people on their individual or group journeys are the common threads in what I do and I love it.