Are you ready to Lean In*?

I am looking for executive and professional women who want to step up and “sit at the table” and will coach you to  uncover the abilities you already have in order to be the you that you want to be.  We need more women like you participating in running the world.  I know that sounds big.  It is!  It’s my firm belief that the world needs more women in positions of authority.  I’m not talking about women conforming to a masculine leadership style but women affirming their own distinctive strengths: relationship-building, emotional intelligence, direct communication and diversity.  This is what we have to contribute and I want to support you in bringing these skills, which I know you possess, (among others!) to the fore.

* Yes, I’ve found inspiration in www.leanin.org, the social movement described in Sheryl Sandberg’s book of the same title, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.  I think it’s time we re-enliven the stalled women’s movement and gather energy to move it forward.  I want to be part of this movement and I hope you’ll join me.  I am exploring Lean In Circles so be on the lookout for my circle start-up announcements or contact me to let me know you’re interested susanna@susannaliller.com

Leaning Back is also good!

It might not be your interest or the right time for you to “be a player” or “sit at the table”…that’s fine!  I will meet you where you are in your career.  I coach women in the issues that arise in the workplace:  whether it be finding balance or getting a promotion, working on your style and relationships with your co-workers, confidence building or dealing with conflict…these are just some of the areas through which I’ve helped clients navigate.

I continue to consult with organizations in the management and organizational development field because I love this work and it also ensures that I continue to understand the business climate so I can coach women in business most effectively.  More information about my consulting work is on my website, www.lillerconsulting.com.

Journey Notes is for my more personal reflections.  These are my observations from the “front line” of this shift, as women more and more honor and develop their unique and needed strengths.

I hope to meet you on that “front line”, wherever that is for you!



Supporting, encouraging, and celebrating the unique nature and vision of others is my passion.  Coaching transforms the client and the coach.

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I also get inspired regularly by working with leaders and executives in an organizational setting, as an executive and leadership coach.

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